Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pizza: Grilled

Chris, the grill master, has been wanting to make pizza on the grill for over a year. He finally took the chance last week using his family's grill. It was a new experiment for all of us so it was fun seeing what worked and what didn't. These pictures are not meant to be a how-to, just a documentation of the process.

The conclusion? Although the phrase "practice makes perfect" certainly applies to grilling pizza, we thought it was a yummy success and one we will practice again! Not to mention I think it's pretty cool to have a fiance who likes to make food. ;)


  1. that is some awesome looking food there! i definitely gotta try that. either that or u can just invite us over after ur married n we can eat yours.

    1. Thanks! That would be fun, now if only we had a grill. ;)

  2. Yum! Will we be eating this at your wedding? haha